SIFE is....

ATU SIFE Team, 2010-11

An organization that engages college students around the world by uniting them behind the idea that economic opportunity should not be exclusive. Nationwide, more than 800 SIFE Teams make positive impacts in their communities by implementing thousands of creative and meaningful project ideas.

The SIFE Team at Arkansas Tech University has been successful in impacting the educational and business communities around us in the past several years. It is our hope and dream to continue past projects and to implement new ones as we grow in SIFE. Please see the Projects area and Photo Gallery for further information concerning our activities for this year.


Cultural Seminar

Our primary mission is to provide students in all majors the opportunity to participate in community service projects, promote free enterprise, and educate students of all ages about the concepts of ethical business practices.

We believe in the importance of individuals being knowledgeable of the opportunities and needs of our community. The work done by SIFE ATU will provide opportunities to put theories into practice in real world situations both locally and abroad, while bringing people with common goals together.