Marketing Club
Arkansas Tech University

Market Yourself. Better Your Community.

The Arkansas Tech University Marketing Club is an organization composed of students of all majors who are interested in both markets and marketing. We engage in actitivities to not only improve our own knowledge and skills but also to make our community a better place to live.


Marketing Club


We participate in campus events and programs, host a networking luncheon with various business officials, and we get involved with the community through different volunteer activities.


The China Experience is an excellent opportunity to obtain firsthand
knowledge of the International Business community. It is a ten day
trip to Shanghai and Beijing that takes place during spring break. You
not only get to see the impressive sites of modern day China, but also
the rich cultural past of the country. You are able to experience the
realities of working across cultural borders while seeing some of the
most amazing places in the world. In the ten day trip you will visit
sites such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall,
as well as some of the most well known and largest manufacturing plants
in China. You will experience a completely different way of life from
the food you try, the transportation, even the way you shop!! It is a
completely different world and an amazing experience.


China Experience


Each semester we host a networking luncheon which is a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable information about positions of leadership within the business environment. Students recieve face-to-face interaction with executives across Arkansas. These executives have varied backgrounds and strive to help students reach their goals. Here are a few pictures from last semester:


Networking Luncheon Networking Luncheon


Networking Luncheon


Networking Luncheon


Marketing Club is an extremely active organization on campus. To keep involved with students across campus, the Marketing Club hosts three educational seminars each semester. These seminars are focused on subjects pertaining to the average students life. The seminars for the Spring 2008 semester were:


"Mapping MindManager" hosted by Dr. Kim Troboy of the School of Business

Mapping MindManager

"A Discussion in Leadership" hosted by Dr. Dave Roach of the School of Business


"A Student's Guide to Tax Time" hosted by Dr. Pam Carr of the School of Business

Tax Time



Every semester Marketing Club does a community service project. This allows students to give back and create ties with the community. Last semester, we hosted a food and clothing drive donating the proceeds to Main Street Mission.We were able to involve the entire Arkansas Tech University campus and help many people in need.

Main Street Missions


Main Street Missions


Main Street Missions


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